Synergis University 2014 – June 4, 2014

If you haven’t been to Synergis University over the past few years, here’s what it is: This is our chance to bring customers together with the entire Synergis team and Autodesk product team members for one intense day. See the tools you need to work faster, smarter, and better. Learn about industry trends, tips and tricks, and the latest Autodesk software available. Here’s where we help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Photos & Quotes from Synergis University 2013:

“We came here to update our knowledge to 2014 (products) from the best professionals we know.  It is a top notch event, one of the best I have been to.”

family SynergisU_2013_001

“We spent 20 minutes between classes getting our specific questions answered by Synergis people.”


“We got to keep up with the knowledge so we come each year and I give them a 10.”

SynergisU_2013_020 SynergisU_2013_028

“I come every year.  Synergis is the best at what they do.”

SynergisU_2013_031 SynergisU_2013_036

“Not all of us can be out of the office at one time, but I come each year and then share the knowledge with the team when I go back to the office.”

SynergisU_2013_055 SynergisU_2013_061

“I’m a teacher so it’s hard to keep up with technology.  This is where I come to see what’s new in software and industry to share with my students.”

SynergisU_2013_095 SynergisU_2013_098

“This is my first year and so far everything has been top notch.”

SynergisU_2013_112 SynergisU_2013_114

“I learned a lot.  Glad I came and will be back next year.”

SynergisU_2013_125 SynergisU_2013_132

“Time at this event was well spent and we learned a lot.”

SynergisU_2013_135 SynergisU_2013_136

“I learned new ways to be more productive.”

SynergisU_2013_137 SynergisU_2013_138 SynergisU_2013_139 SynergisU_2013_169 SynergisU_2013_172 SynergisU_2013_173 SynergisU_2013_191 SynergisU_2013_193

Photos from 2012:

IMG_7618 IMG_7596


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