Make Great Products

In today’s product development process, digitally prototyping your designs is the norm, not the exception. But what you may not know is that true digital prototyping goes beyond 3D design and extends into sales, marketing, and manufacturing. And with open, scalable, and cost-effective solutions from Autodesk, it’s easier than ever before to drive real innovation and profitability.

Join us at SU14 and we’ll explore the many ways that Digital Prototyping can transform your product development process, from start to finish.

You’ll also get a chance to check out the many advantages of Autodesk® solutions for Digital Prototyping, like seamless interoperability, cloud capabilities that let you work from anywhere, and compatibility with software from other providers.

  • Learn how Autodesk® Product Design Suite helps you develop more innovative designs with integrated, purpose-built 2D and 3D tools for Digital Prototyping to help you complete your product development process.
  • Discover how easy it is for designers, engineers, and analysts to leverage Autodesk simulation tools at every step of the design process. From mechanical stress, vibration, motion, energy, and structural analysis to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), plastic injection molding, and multiphysics, you can use simulation to help optimize product performance, and validate designs before manufacturing.
  • Find out how to manage all of your design data. Quickly and securely create, share, and reuse information—eliminating the hassles of chasing down files while allowing you to collaborate from anywhere around the globe.

Register now and choose from the sessions below to learn more about the many advantages of Digital Prototyping solutions from Autodesk.

Manufacturing Digital Prototyping Track

Keynote:  Design Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with the Autodesk 2015 Portfolio

Session 1

What’s New in Inventor?Jamie Scherer
Designing with Confidence: Best Practices for Applying SimulationJohn Twerdok
Top Reasons to Step Up From Vault BasicChris Fabri, Jim Kahle

Session 2

3ds Max 2015:  Visualize Your Designs – Bill McKown
Adding Information to Your Inventor Content CenterMark Lancaster
Simulation MechanicalDave May

Session 3

Inventor Performance Optimization – John Kavusak
Get Plastics Parts Right the First Time with Simulation MoldflowMatt Jaworski
CAD/BIM Manager Tips & TricksRobert Green


Autodesk Subscription BenefitsSam Antos
Engineering on My Tablet - Jim Swain

Session 4

iLogic CapabilitiesDave Breiner
The Peer to Peer CAD/BIM ManagerRobert Green
Autodesk 360 Cloud Services for ManufacturersSam Antos
10 Data Management Challenges You Can Solve in 3 WeeksJim Kahle, Chris Fabri

Session 5

ReCapBill McKown
Quote-to-Design Automation – What are the best tools?Daryl Price
Customizing the Circuit Builder in AutoCAD ElectricalRandy Brunette
Authorizing Parts in Inventor Content CenterMark Lancaster

Session 6

Pre-Fabrication to ConstructionRyan Vecci
PLM 360: What’s It All About? – John Molica
6 Critical Steps to a Successful Data Management ImplementationTodd Cummings


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