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Early Bird Registration for Synergis University 2016 is Open

We are already planning for SU16.  Join us on June 1, 2016 to learn more about the latest Autodesk Solutions, see how other companies are using the tools, and learn about other products that can help your workflow. Register before February 29, 2016 to get the early bird pricing.

Thank you for attending Synergis University 2015!

We hope you found the sessions to be informative and the networking opportunities to be valuable in helping you to improve your processes, be more efficient, and stay ahead of the competition.  We, too, appreciate the opportunity to network with all of you and to learn more about what you’re doing in your businesses and with your projects, facilities and your product development.  With this being out 10th anniversary event, it was great to see so many familiar faces as well as new attendees and presenters.

Here are some pictures and quotes from the event:

Best day of drawing. I look forward to it each year. Thank you! – Nicolette Szymanski, Nutec Design

_MG_7496 _MG_7516-Edit


Lots of great tips and tricks to help all of our programs to run at top performance. – Mike McConnell, Construction Specialties, Inc.

_MG_7526 _MG_7555

Very informative, I learned something we can implement immediately. PS: I was worried that these sessions were going to be a big sales pitch. Extremely happy that it was more of a training session.

_MG_7571 _MG_7640


Very helpful, detailed information that can easily be taken back into the office.

_MG_7672 _MG_7681

Roberts tips for CAD Management and enthusiasm for being a CAD Manager are the reasons I became one. Thanks Robert!

_MG_7687 _MG_7691

Lynn Allen always presents the most tedious details (NEW to AutoCAD 2016) in a fascinating and entertaining way.

_MG_7697 _MG_7718

Stephen Hooper’s keynote was superb. Articulate, understandable and captivating material! Well worth a second listen online to digest so much great material. -Tim Fichtner, TE Connectivity

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Why attend SU15?

Check out 5 reasons you need to attend this year.

Sessions have been posted.

Check out the session schedule this year.

Registration is Open!

If you haven’t been to Synergis University over the past few years, here’s what it is: This is our chance to bring customers together with the entire Synergis team and Autodesk product team members for one intense day. See the tools you need to work faster, smarter, and better. Learn about industry trends, tips and tricks, and the latest Autodesk software available. Here’s where we help you get ahead and stay ahead. Register now.

Photos & Quotes from Synergis University 2014:

amy_keynote_MG_0333 apple winner_MG_0615

“Great event. Robert Green was a bit more of an inspiration than I had anticipated. It was time well spent. You guys are doing great job.”


“Synergis puts together a class act experience.” – Jeff Leighton, Victaulic


“A great event to get an overview of the many products that Autodesk offers. Especially good to see the new features in the current releases.  Only negative for me, was that I wanted to see some of the choices that ran at the same time.” – Harry Smith, McMahon Associates

ff_MG_0343 giveaway_MG_0361

“This is my first SU.  Very well done.  Will be back next year!”

highpointregional_MG_0432 registration mg 298

“Bill Knittle is a great trainer and very engaging with Revit.  I always enjoy Synergis.” – Guy Burgstresser, Victaulic

sign_MG_0366 vip_MG_0387

“Many things I can add to my process to improve productivity!”

_MG_0538 _MG_0526

“Lots of great tools and techniques! Loved it.”

_MG_0514 _MG_0500

“Great job!  I learned at least 5-6 things that will be extremely helpful!”

_MG_0483 _MG_0406

“Learned a lot of ways to use the cloud that I wasn’t aware of and will be able to utilize.”

_MG_0330 _MG_0328

“Good information for anyone in any position!”

_MG_0317 _MG_0313

“It’s hard to get out of the office, but I found today totally worth it!  The sessions were informative.  I am going back to work motivated to use some of this information.”

_MG_0314 _MG_0532

“Once again THANKS for a wonderful learning experience this year at SU14.  I felt the presentations were very organized and chunked into disciplines.  Loved the creative idea using twitter and social media.   Finally I always enjoy the student competitions results and presentations.  All students did a fantastic job this year, and should be very proud of their achievements.”

leadership_MG_0569 rich_carter_MG_0446

“I learned more in 1 day at S.U. for $75.00 than I did at a 3 day conference for $1500.00 for another platform.”  – Craig McIntyre, Modjeski & Masters

twinvalleypair_MG_0443 chumps_MG_0600


Photos & Quotes from Synergis University 2013:

“We came here to update our knowledge to 2014 (products) from the best professionals we know.  It is a top notch event, one of the best I have been to.”

family SynergisU_2013_001

“We spent 20 minutes between classes getting our specific questions answered by Synergis people.”


“We got to keep up with the knowledge so we come each year and I give them a 10.”

SynergisU_2013_020 SynergisU_2013_028

“I come every year.  Synergis is the best at what they do.”

SynergisU_2013_031 SynergisU_2013_036

“Not all of us can be out of the office at one time, but I come each year and then share the knowledge with the team when I go back to the office.”

SynergisU_2013_055 SynergisU_2013_061

“I’m a teacher so it’s hard to keep up with technology.  This is where I come to see what’s new in software and industry to share with my students.”

SynergisU_2013_095 SynergisU_2013_098

“This is my first year and so far everything has been top notch.”

SynergisU_2013_112 SynergisU_2013_114

“I learned a lot.  Glad I came and will be back next year.”

SynergisU_2013_125 SynergisU_2013_132

“Time at this event was well spent and we learned a lot.”

SynergisU_2013_135 SynergisU_2013_136

“I learned new ways to be more productive.”

SynergisU_2013_137 SynergisU_2013_138 SynergisU_2013_139 SynergisU_2013_169 SynergisU_2013_172 SynergisU_2013_173 SynergisU_2013_191 SynergisU_2013_193



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